My dragon form: Divo the Dream Giver

I got inspiration from one of the threads from DragCave forums: What dragon would you be?  (Thread: and this was my post in that thread (post: I also got permission from  the spriters of the two dragons to post a picture. The reason I left the main body color white is that I did not have a light green marker, and the black marker would have drowned out the dark green details. The Green Nebula's coloring is a black dragon with lighter green/white spots, space dust, and a couple of galaxies. Im a terrible artist, but hopefully you could make out a spiral galaxy at the base of the tail and a pinwheel galaxy on the "midpoint" of the tail. This mixture of the dragons have led to a creation that this type only appears at nighttime due to the Nebula's preference for nighttime and provides pleasant nighttime dreams to every living thing that he watches over, which comes from the Daydream side.

This picture is mine, and the design base of the male Daydream body/pose belong to Lythiaren, a spriter of DragCave, and the looks/coloration base of the Green Nebula belongs to Sif and skinst, both DragCave spriters. Credit belongs to them. This is only a fanart piece, and should not be used for any other purposes.

Day 4 Status

My floating pink egg has hatched into a floating pink baby hatchling. The diminutive green egg and the translucent egg have large holes.. the hatchlings arent very far behind. The limestone egg has a large crack, and still waiting for a hole to appear. Im relieved that the eggs are faring so much better than they did this morning. The extra hatcheries helped alot!
  1. Light Pink Hatchling - just hatched -691 Vs, 241 UVs, 11Cs
  2. Translucent Egg - has large hole - 715 Vs, 236 UVs, 13 Cs
  3. Diminutive Green Egg - has large hole - 761 Vs, 262 UVs, 14 Cs
  4. Limestone Egg - has full pip crack - 690 Vs, 212 UVs, 9 Cs
Funny, I would have thunk that the green egg would have hatched first because it have higher points in all three categories! The Limestone egg remains to lag behind, but it should have a large hole shortly! Im so relieved that I have a dragon hatchling and two more soon! Woot. Now I have to work on my first hatchling's first growth stage to get it to its next growth stage, wings and result of gender! :D

Update: Diminutive Green Egg has hatched into a small shy  green hatchling..two hours after the floating hatchling - I have baby number two! :D

Great news!

After a few days, three of my eggs finally have pipped, but they still have some ways to go before i have tiny dragon babies! I had to use the help of three different hatcheries after a friend's advice. I am glad that there are pipping, but im concerned about my Limestone Egg, which has not pipped at this time. Having the three hatcheries certainly drove up the views and unique views a little bit faster. I am guessing i should have at least service of a hatchery or two when i try for my second set of eggs. Well, heres the information of whats happening so far...
  1. Translucent Egg - pipping - 491 Vs, 168 UVs, 7 Cs
  2. Floating Pink Egg - pipping - 487 Vs, 179 UVs, 7 Cs
  3. Diminutive Green Egg - pipping - 531Vs, 180 UVs, 8 Cs
  4. Limestone Egg - solid - 462 Vs, 145 UVs, 7 Cs
As usual, the green egg is more popular and the limestone is struggling to catch up with its peers. Hopefully, the limestone will pip tonight since its only right behind in the numbers.Looking forward to meeting my newest pets!

Day 3 Status

The eggs remained solid so i checked a book on hatching eggs. Apparently  the eggs does not pip/hatch til 4 days have passed. The dragons within the eggs are developed fully but they dont like to leave the security of their eggs until some time have passed. I also learned that once a dragon baby comes out of its egg, it must go through two stages of growth, only maturing at the 4 days mark of both stages as well. I will not know the dragon's gender until the fourth day of the second stage of maturation before its adult form. It is interesting to see how a dragon matures differently (the growth process apparently takes roughly a month from egg to adult!) from humans and other animal species (which takes years). Armed with this information, this means i should expect pipping and hatching starting tomorrow. Fingers crossed!

Onto to the eggs' status!
  1. Translucent Egg - 314 Vs,  100 UVs, 5 Cs
  2. Floating Pink Egg - 325 Vs, 112 UVs, 4 Cs
  3. Diminutive Green Egg - 360 Vs, 100 UVs, 5 Cs
  4. Limestone Egg - 302 Vs, 81 UVs, 5 Cs
The eggs have 300+ views, but the Limestone egg continues to lag behind in unique views. People must really like the small green egg for some reason. No signs of egg sickness still so im guessing im doing a good job of keeping the eggs protected and warm. I will not be posting a second update today due to the information i just learned today.

Egg Set #1 Status - Day 2, Post #2

Well I'm entering a mini update entry. No signs of pipping on any of the eggs, but no signs of sickness so far - which is good, I suppose.
  1. Translucent Egg - 208 Vs,  76UVs, 4Cs
  2. Floating Pink Egg - 217 Vs, 75 UVs, 3 Cs
  3. Diminutive Green Egg - 239 Vs, 73 UVs, 3 Cs
  4. Limestone Egg - 200 Vs, 62 UVs, 4 Cs
As you can see, they have gotten to the range 200+ views, but im quite concerned with the limestone egg's unique views because its not keeping up to par with the other three egg's UVs. Let's do some stats...

Translucent Egg had an increase of 102 views, 50 unique views, and no increase in clicks on day 1, and an increase of 65 views, 30 views, and 1 click on day 2.

Floating Pink Egg had an increase of 107 views, 32 unique views, and no clicks on day 1, and an increase of 71 views, 23 unique views, and 1 click on day 2.

Diminutive Green Egg had an increase of 100 views, 23 unique views, and no clicks on day 1, and an increase of 76 views, 29 unique views, and 1 click on day 2.

Limestone Egg had an increase of 92 views, 25 unique views, and no clicks on day 1, and an increase of 63 views, 19 unique views, and 1 click on day 1.

It seems to me that my Limestone egg will be the runt of the set. Hopefully all 4 will hatch. It would suck to lose an egg. Here's to hoping to see a pipp tomorrow! >.>
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Egg Set #1 Status - Day 2

The eggs are doing well, I hope, but no signs of sickness so far and no signs of pipping either.
  1. Translucent Egg - 143 Vs,  46UVs, 3Cs
  2. Floating Pink Egg - 146 Vs, 52 UVs, 2 Cs
  3. Diminutive Green Egg - 163 Vs, 44 UVs, 2 Cs
  4. Limestone Egg - 137 Vs, 43 UVs, 3 Cs
Wonder how many views and unique views it will take to get one egg to start pipping? One egg is well past 150 views and no pips yet. Hope to see a pipping egg later on today.

Egg Set #1 status - Entry 1

I have been watching how the townspeople have been treating my first set of eggs... people certainly seems to be quite interested in my egg #3, the diminutive green egg, followed by my fourth egg the limestone one, followed by my translucent egg, and finally my floating pink egg. I suspect that my green egg will be first to hatch since it is receiving alot of love from the locals! I look forward to seeing these eggs hatch, but it will be some time before i see any pipping on the eggs!
  1. Translucent Egg -  41 Vs,  16 UVs, 3 Cs
  2. Floating Pink Egg - 39 Vs, 20 UVs, 2 Cs
  3. Diminutive Green Egg - 63 Vs, 21 UVs, 2 Cs
  4. Limestone Egg - 45 Vs, 18 UVs, 2 Cs
Defintions - Vs are Views, UVs are Unique Views, and Cs are Clicks.

From what I understand, Views and Unique Views are particularly important to help the baby dragons within to hatch, and grow throughout their growing process. Clicks arent that important, but I have no idea why this is included in the stats if its not that important. I have so much to learn. The town hall of records is BIG and I am admittedly a little bit overwhelmed with the information that lies within the hall of records! I hope that I am doing what I am supposed to do. I better get back and learn more of the information!
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First Entry

Hi Diary,

I am a young man named Divo. I recently discovered a cave recently. This cave had dragon eggs outside and inside. From what I could glean, the eggs outside of the cave are abandoned eggs from other people as I witnessed several people dropping off unwanted eggs at the entrance. The queen dragon inside the cave does not  pay any attention to the eggs outside. I watched as people wait for the queen dragon to leave the cave or go to sleep so they can claim what they call caveborn eggs, which appears to be quite valuable and if you are blessed enough, you may get a rare egg. I decided to attempt dragon raising right there. I looked at the abandoned eggs and I considered them for a bit. I did not see any that got my interest. After checking that the queen dragon is sleeping, I quietly walked around the cave and apparently, I was only strong enough to take four eggs. The eggs had interesting attributes. None of them are alike!

My first set of eggs are:
  1. A translucent egg that shows a baby dragon inside.. I thought that was an interesting egg and became my first egg to collect.
  2. A pink egg that floats in the air. I had a bit of trouble with this one, slipping through my fingers twice, but i managed to get a better handle on the egg. Thus this became my second egg of the set.
  3. A diminutive green egg that looked like it was trying its best to hide. I nearly passed this one over, but considering it for a while, i decided to give it a shot and it became my third egg of the set.
  4. A limestone-like egg caught my eye and i wondered what kind of dragon would appear from this egg and to satisfy my curiosity to the question, I took this egg as well.
I took my eggs home and built an addition to my house so the eggs will have a warm and protected place. I also made another entrance so the townspeople would come and marvel at the eggs. I learned that I wasnt the only one in the town who were doing dragon collecting, raising, and breeding. I think breeding may be in my future depending on how well I do with these eggs first. Gosh, i hope I'll succeed well. If these eggs hatch and i have dragon babies, i hope they take a liking to me as me to them!

Wish me luck, dear diary!
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